What is a Frugalar?

What is a Frugalar?

We are Frugalars…

A passion for a sustainable lifestyle and saving money where ever possible.

We are people who have discovered a new way of life; one that helps us to live more simply and economically within our means and, most importantly, without compromising on the quality of life and limiting impact on the environment.

This is our story… Frugalar is a blog dedicated to finding ways to live sustainably with less money! Aiming for financial freedom. We hope you enjoy it!

What is a Frugalar?

So what is a frugalar?

FRUGALAR ‘a frugal person with a passion for saving money, resources and the planet’

FRUGAL – ‘using money or resources in a very careful way’ 

AR ‘a person who does something’

We share ideas, tips and tricks to help you live a frugal and sustainable lifestyle.

Frugalar Mindset

Financial FreedomFrugality to Financial freedom

Reduce Impact on the Planet – Reduce Environmental Impact

Refuse or Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle where possible

Simplicity – Live a more simple life  

Save money – 

No Debt – Live within your means  

Reduce Waste – Live in a less wasteful world  

Eat well – Nutritious, cruelty free

Learn new skills – Invest in skills that can help you save money in the future. Look at free courses, skill share and paid courses. 

Take a step back – 

Re-evaluate your life – What do you really want from life?

Be happy – Happiness is sometime forgotten in our life plans

Frugalar Inspiration

Now you understand what is a frugalar you can see what a difference you can make to your own life while benefiting the planet.

“I am inspired by the new ways of life that I am discovering, which are leading me to a simpler and more sustainable way of life. I am inspired by the possibilities that are open to me and by the chance that I have to change the world along the way.”

How frugal are you? Maybe we can offer you some ideas on how to save money and resources.

Want to start being more Frugal?

Hi from the Frugalar team Louise & James, we want to share our passion for frugality and show you what you could achieve from being frugal and gaining financial freedom.